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Business leaders’ new passion for mind-altering Amazonian retreats

Ayahuasca – a psychedelic brew used in Amazonian rituals – is attracting surprising new adherents from the business world. Kate Spicer traces their journey from the depths of the rainforest to the highs of professional enlightenment…


Why This Psychedelic Drug Is Drawing Entrepreneurs To Peru

This 5-minute video documentary made by Fast Company will give you a good idea of what it’s like to be on the Machu Picchu Ayahuasca Mastermind.

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Silicon Valley’s New Craze Is Flying To Peru To Take A Psychedelic You Can’t Legally Get In America

This Business Insider article about our Machu Picchu Ayahuasca Mastermind has over 37,627 views and includes a quote from Tim Ferriss.


New Business Fad: Tripping on Ayahuasca

In this article, my work with Ayahuasca is paired with pioneering Dr. Gabor Maté’s work. This is like comparing the Earth to the Sun, as Dr. Mate’s work is so much more established than mine. I am deeply flattered to have my work mentioned alongside his.

“With proper guidance and an understanding of the tradition, folks like Maté and Costuros believe ayahuasca ceremonies can be powerful experiences for those looking for a deeper understanding of themselves or even those specifically looking to be more prepared for the business world.”

Aubrey Marcus

AMP Podcast 51: Barbell Shrugged – The Quintessential Ayahuasca Experience

Aubrey Marcus interviews Doug Larson and Mike Bledsoe about their first experience with ayahuasca during the Entrepreneurs Awakening Machu Picchu Mastermind. Mike and Doug are the co-founders of Barbell Shrugged, the #1 podcast on iTunes in the Health and Fitness category. This interview is conducted hours after arriving back from Peru. Mike shares what it was like to get the chance to say goodbye to his dad who died suddenly years before. Doug describes his simulated (but he didn’t know that at the time) death experience and how it changed his life. This is a great one, give it a listen.

Originally Recorded Apr 27, 2015


In The Mountains of Peru, An Ayahuasca Retreat Tailor-Made For The Startup Set

This is my favorite article due to it’s playful yet profound story telling style. Check out this quote.

“Michael Costuros killed him. Or rather, Zillmer paid Costuros to kill him, or at least to facilitate the temporary annihilation of his self by seeing what the hell one of the world’s most powerful natural hallucinogens would do to his consciousness, his spirit, and, above all, his business prospects.”


How Some Doctors Are Risking Everything To Unleash The Healing Power of MDMA, Ayahuasca and Other Hallucinogens

This is one of the most in-depth articles ever published on the evolving therapeutic effects of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. (More than 12 pages!) The fact that Rolling Stone has 21 million global unique visitors per month means that now more people than ever before are aware of this alternative therapy path. I feel honored to have had three paragraphs about my work included in this seminal article. Here’s a clip.

“But even for the super-high-functioning, psychedelic use isn’t just about optimizing. It also, Costuros says, makes them better people: “What I’ve seen consistently happen is CEOs become a people-centric, people-focused person.” After well-administered and integrated psychedelics, “we’re not gonna see the kind of Donald Trump entrepreneurs that are only about extracting value.” After an ayahuasca journey with EA, an arms magnate left his multimillion-dollar company to build an art and music residency program.”


Entrepreneurs Awakening Through Ayayhuasca

In this episode of The EntheoNation Podcast, we host Michael Costuros of Entrepreneurial Awakening, a company specializing in ayahuasca retreats for entrepreneurs. During our chat, we look back on Michael’s own journey in the entrepreneurial world and how he discovered the powers of ayahuasca before dedicating himself to aiding others on their own quests.


How Soon Is Now with Daniel Pinchbeck, Episode Four

In this podcast interview thought leader Daniel Pinchbeck interviews me about my work with entrepreneurs and how it differs from other people leading groups to Peru to do Ayahuasca.


The Third Wave Podcast: How a Psychedelic Retreat Could Improve Your Business

This podcast features the most extensive personal interview I have ever given. So personal that I actually wish I would have held back a little. I go deep into my parallel life stories of entrepreneurship and work with ceremonial psychedelics to discover just how those two worlds managed to merge so seamlessly.