Exclusive Ayahuasca programs
for entrepreneurial leaders

Done incorrectly, Ayahuasca can be a total nightmare with little benefit.

Most people think the biggest risk that comes with Ayahuasca is the possibility of having a “bad trip”.

A bad trip should be the least of your concerns. Working with us ensures that you avoid the three most dangerous Ayahuasca pitfalls.

  1. A maverick Ayahuasquero serving a weak Ayahuasca brew.
  2. Having your participation exposed on social media.
  3. Loosing much of the benefit due to lack of effective preparation and post-integration support.

All of the horror stories you read on the web are linked to a lack of integrity around one or more of these aspects.

Done correctly, Ayahuasca can be the most impactful experience of your entire life.

You’re wanting to have the safest, most profound, and deeply impactful Ayahuasca experience possible. 

Over the last 5 years, we have guided more than 80 entrepreneurs through our Ayahuasca mastermind retreat programs. Committed to excellence, each year we refine and upgrade our programs. For 2017 we are proud to provide you with the following options.

The Machu Picchu Ayahuasca Mastermind
Our flagship program is 10-week mastermind program that includes 10 days in the Machu Picchu area of Peru to work with Ayahuasca.

Weekend Ayahuasca Retreats in the US
A 3-week one-to-one program that includes a weekend Ayahuasca retreat at a convenient West Coast location.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to avoid a potential nightmare and optimise for the best possible results the first time around… then our retreat programs are what you have been looking for.

How do Entrepreneurs Awakening programs get such great results?

Our unique method of prep before, support during, and integration after, as well as the retreat design itself, deliver results greater than the sum of the parts.

The EA Method is behind our retreats
Over the last 5 years leading our Machu Picchu Ayahuasca Mastermind we have developed an incredibly effective prep and integration method, a method designed specifically to get the type of results entrepreneurs are looking for. We call it the EA Method.

Every retreat program includes the following. 

You will receive the EA information packet containing the best documentaries and books that will prepare you for your Ayahuasca experience, as well as help you get your friends and family onboard.
You will benefit from one-on-one sessions with an executive coach during the 3 weeks leading up to your retreat (or more, depending on the program). Your sessions will be focused on pinpointing the root subconscious blocks that have been holding you back in business and life.  With your deepest issues surfaced before going into your retreat Ayahuasca is more likely to work on them.
During the week leading up to your retreat, you will be guided through our Awakening Cleanse process, an enhanced version of the traditional dietary preparations, created specifically for busy entrepreneurs. The Awakening Cleanse prepares your mind, heart, body, and spirit while revealing a baseline state against which we will measure your results after the retreat.


You will enter your retreat weekend with the clarity and confidence that you are fully prepared to get the most out of your experience. We will provide you with tips for navigating the Ayahuasca experience itself, as well as best practices for remembering your insights. You will enjoy the benefits of a one-to-one counselling with the Ayahuasquero before each ceremony, and a group Q&A / integration circle after.

Following your retreat, your coach will continue to work with you for 3 weeks (or more, depending on the program), to help you integrate the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual insights into your professional and personal life. The process includes measuring the results against the baseline you set before the retreat, ensuring that you are making progress.  In your final coaching session, with your coach’s help, you will create a plan that will guide you for months into the future. In the case of a mastermind program, you will engage in potent business building exercises with fellow participants designed to leap your business forward.

Our coaching team includes top Silicon Valley executive coaches, each with more than 6 years Ayahuasca experience and more than 90 Ayahuasca ceremonies completed between them. We are also affiliated with a network of psychologists and psychiatrists who specialise in Ayahuasca, should you want referrals for licensed professional support for any reason. The Ayahuaqueros we recommend, in the US and in Peru, are incredibly ethical, have more than 8 years training in the Peruvian tradition, are full-time practitioners, serve top quality Ayahuasca, and have church protection to serve in the US.

As you can tell, our EA Method was designed from the start to serve the unique needs of successful business leaders who truly want to be the most effective, impactful, and compassionate leaders they can be.

Do you want the results of a world class Ayahuasca program?

If you’re already experienced this is your chance to deepen your work.
If this will be your first time, rest into the confidence that you will be getting the best possible experience and results from the start.

Discover what the Machu Picchu Ayahuasca Mastermind will do for you.

Post-program business case testimonials…

  • You learn that a mission-critical initiative is at risk due to a mistake made by your direct report. You take a deep breath, let go your frustration, and reach out to them with a constructive, solution-oriented attitude.
  • In a meeting where you are presented with new opportunities, your inner voice is clear which is the right path, you have no problem saying no even in the face of fierce opposition.
  • In a moment of clarity, you realise how much you appreciate a colleague. Without hesitation, you call them up and express your feelings in a way that truly inspires them and strengthens your relationship.
  • A direct report who has not performed to your expectations for months makes another bad judgment call. Instead of reprimanding, you are inspired to take a half hour to mentor and empower them to make better choices in the future.
  • Returning to the office the week after your retreat, you feel lighter and notice yourself smiling easily. It’s as if a hundred pound boulder has been removed from your shoulders. Your colleagues and friends comment on how great you seem.
  • Opening the refrigerator, the unhealthy beverages and snacks no longer appeal to you. Instead, you opt for a banana and big glass of water.
  • You notice the frustration of a lingering resentment you have been holding toward someone. You simply choose to call them and get it resolved immediately.
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