Awakening inquiry of the day.
Could the way we silently speak to ourselves about ourselves be the root cause of depression and the global environmental disaster we are creating?
Would life as we know it be totally different for the better if when using language we didn’t divorce ourselves from ourselves, everything else, and especially the Earth?
My hands, my thoughts, the Earth, etc. Think about it. Using the word “my” or “the” or “your” Implies that our body is created of independent parts that we “own” but are somehow separate from us. That “the” Earth is something other than us.
Who is the one that is referring to the hand as “mine”?
How is the one behind the “my” separate from the hand at all?
By thinking in this way are we divorcing ourselves from belonging to ourselves?
Could this be the root cause of depression? Loneliness? The pathology of “otherness” that leads to war? Could it be the root cause of the environmental disaster which is only possible if we don’t identify the Earth has ourselves?
But how can we use English in a way that describes the actual unity of mind, heart body, spirit and Earth in a way that it at least more aligned with truth?
There are languages that do not have the concept “to be”. You can’t “be” something, you can only be in relationship to something.
My limited understanding of the Lakota language, the Native American language that is most often portrayed in Hollywood movies, leads me to believe that it is a language of belonging rather than separating. Maybe there is a clue to be found there. Nouns are described through what they are in relation with. If you are a trader who travels you may be described as one who “belongs with roads”. If you are one who has the skill that enables you to negotiate with enemies you may be called one who dances with wolves.
So, in this moment my hands are cold.
Would it be better to say something like, “This body is also cold in the area of the hands.”
If you are truly intrigued, listen to Alan Watts puzzle through this question. He is a million times better at puzzling than I am!