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I trust the part of you that believes you are destined for greatness and want to partner with you to make your vision a reality.

Michael Costuros

Rapid leadership development for executives who need to up their game, fast

  • You appreciate the success you have achieved. But you know that to get the next level, a new set of leadership skills is required.
  • In the same vein, you realize that the approach, beliefs and mindsets that got you to where you are today will not get you where you want to go next.
  • You’re ready to reveal the blind spots that have been holding you captive in your current state.
  • You respect the value of working with someone who has invested over 7000 hours coaching executives.
  • You seek adventure and realize that it’s gut-driven calculated risks that have lead you to the life you enjoy today.

If you’re a business leader who wants to break through to the next level, on all levels, then let’s talk! (PS. If you are curious about my coaching accomplishments, check out the recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.)


Executive Coaching with The Awake Forward Method

I have clocked more than 7000 as an executive coach. My specialty is rapid leadership development for executives who realize they need to up their game and fast.

Over the last 7 years, I discovered that if I initiated frameworks and experiences that triggered breakthrough awakening experiences my clients achieve their professional and personal development goals much faster. This discovery led me to develop The Awake Forward Method. The Awake Forward Method combines awakening insights and cutting-edge executive coaching techniques, to achieve professional and personal goals in record time.

Perhaps the simplest way to explain why it works is this: as we are working toward short-term measurable goals, do to the awakening insights, you will also experience rapid psychological and spiritual evolution. This process will reveal the blind spots that have been holding you captive, which we then resolve using methods adopted from NLP.

In short, The Awake Forward Method is a psychological and spiritual rapid development program that uses short-term measurable professional goals to ensure its efficacy and tangible profitability.


Ayahuasca Prep and Integration Coaching

A big part of what makes the Entrepreneurs Awakening ayahuasca masterminds so effective is the specific preparation and integration method that my team and I have refined over the last 6 years.

Named the “EA Method”, it was designed specifically to support high functioning professionals to get the most value possible from their ayahuasca experience. Adapted to work for any style of ayahuasca ceremony, now you can work with one of our coaches to support you through your next weekend or destination ayahuasca retreat experience.


From those I’ve worked with…

Bertram Meyer

CEO and Co-Founder of Taulia and One Dome

As CEO of a startup in hyper-growth, I feared the time away would hurt my business. Now I am very glad I went. What I discovered was the perspective that came with distance, a better understanding of what I want to achieve, my core values and who I am as a human, as well as the insights gained in conversation with fellow participants, lead to a greater positive impact on my business than if I had stayed home and worked.

Eric Neuner

CEO of Health Coach Institute

I am so grateful for my experience. It was the pinnacle of experiential learning for me. I found it profound and healing, both physically and emotionally. Previously I had self-doubt around what I should be doing professionally and personally. Today that is no longer the case!

Craig Clemens

Co-Founder, Golden Hippo Media

I wasn’t totally clear on what I wanted, I just felt I needed to go. It turns out my intuition was correct – the experience showed me exactly what was holding me back in both my business and personal life. Within just one month after returning I’d used what I’d learned to deep my relationships with my family, then later, with my business partners and staff, which surely was a factor in us having our most successful year ever. Now a year later I am dating the girl of my dreams (after being single for 3 long years!) I can say with certainty I would not be where I am today without the lessons learned in Peru under Michael’s guidance.

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