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What sets this program apart from an ayahuasca retreat?

Our Ayahuasca Vision Quest program is not an ayahuasca retreat. It is a 10-week coaching program that includes an ayahuasca vision quest retreat in Peru.

Hello, I’m Michael Costuros. I was the founder of a successful tech startup and about 4 years in I hit a wall.

I was burnt out, frustrated with my co-founders, and had lost my guiding intuition.

Through a series of unlikely events I found myself in Peru to attend my first ayahuasca retreat.
I remember holding my first cup of ayahuasca. Everyone was waiting for me to drink it. I was so afraid that it would show me that my life was off course and that I should leave my company. That was the worst outcome I could imagine. I almost backed out, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I drank it down.

A week later I returned to work. My resentments, fears and ego attachments to the company had washed away. I felt reborn!

But about 10 days after that some of the old patterns started resurfacing. I felt a sinking feeling in my gut. Would I lose all that I thought I had gained?

I started searching for an ayahuasca integration coach only to find out that there was no such thing. That was back in 2008, ayahuasca was almost unheard of in San Francisco. So I started working with an executive coach and he helped me hold on to what I would have lost.

Two years later I left my company to become an executive coach myself. I wanted my clients to benefit from ayahuasca in the ways I did and I wanted them to have the integration support that I didn’t. So I went to Peru for 5 months to immerse myself in the ayahuasca tradition. I figured out a way to work with ayahuasca to get specific results.

I also studied transformational NLP, which became the backbone of my prep and integration coaching method.

A year later Entrepreneurs Awakening was born and my first group coaching program that included ayahuasca in Peru was a success! We have been offering ayahuasca-enhanced coaching programs ever since.

It’s been more than 12 years now since my life was course-corrected by the combination of ayahuasca and coaching. My team and I have coached more than 100 entrepreneurs through our process.

Today our work is more potent than ever!

The program weaves together these key ingredients:

  • The accountability, clarity and consistent support that an expert coach provides you.
  • Ayahuasca’s ability to heal the subconscious wounds that are holding you back and alter your mind’s inherent resistance to change.
  • Transformational NLP’s ability to overcome internal resistance to change.
  • The peer support and networking value of sharing a life changing experience with a group of peers.
  • An expert team of coaches, each with more than 10 years experience with both ayahuasca and coaching.
  • The effect that adventure travel has on your ability to make changes in your life.

These ingredients, artfully woven together, enable you to get results WAY BEYOND what an ayahuasca retreat alone can do.

Listen to podcast episodes 1, 3, and 4 to hear what our alumni are saying about our programs.


Here are the top reason why entrepreneurs join our programs:

  • You want to do ayahusca and have been waiting for the right opportunity.
  • You believe that you are capable of more and something is holding you back.
  • You have a few bad habits that you are ready to let go of once and for all.
  • You want to experience even deeper fulfillment and satisfaction in your daily life.
  • You want to more freely express your love and affection for those you care for most.
  • You want to resolve past experiences that are still affecting you in the present.
  • You are at a crossroads and want a fresh perspective before making a big decision.
  • You want to know what you don’t know you don’t know about yourself.
  • You want to experience a true mystical experience.

If you want three or more of these outcomes, then this program is a fit for you.


Your Program Overview in Three Phases

Phase 1
Preparation Coaching
1 month before

You will be expertly prepared for your ayahuasca retreat during the month leading up to your departure to Peru.
Before the program starts you will receive:
– Logistical support finding plane tickets
– The ayahuasca information relevant to your retreat
– Support communicating with friends and family
– Strategic introductions to fellow participants
30 days before: 1st 1-1 Ayahuasca prep coaching session
21 days before: 2nd 1-1 Ayahuasca prep coaching session
14 days before: Group Dietary Cleanse kickoff call
7 days before: Logistical support

Phase 2
Ayahuasca Retreat in Iquitos, Peru
10 days

Saturday: Day 1. Fly to Peru
Sunday: Day 2. Arrive in Iquitos airport in the morning & transfer to the retreat center
Monday: Day 3. Prepare for your 1st ayahuasca night
Tuesday: Day 4. Integration and prep for 2nd ayahuasca night
Wednesday: Day 5. Day off, wifi catch up, explore nature
Thursday: Day 6. Activities and 3rd ayahuasca Ceremony (optional)
Friday: Day 7. Activities and 4th ayahuasca Ceremony (optional)
Saturday: Day 8. Haliconia Eco Lodge
Sunday: Day 9. Haliconia Eco Lodge
Monday: Day 10. Haliconia Eco Lodge
Tuesday: Day 10. Fly home

Phase 3
Integration Coaching
1 month after

During the month following your return you will get the most out of your ayahuasca experience through 1-1 and group integration video calls.

7 days after retreat: 1-1 integration coaching
14 days after retreat: Small group integration coaching call
21 days after: Final 1-1 integration coaching 
28 days after retreat: Full group integration coaching
35 days after retreat: Executive coaching session with Michael 

Testimonials from our alumni


Keith Krance

Co-founder, Dominate Web Media

“A year later, I realize that as a result of the mastermind component of this program I received advice and an introduction that enabled me to more than double the revenue, reach and impact of my business. I wasn’t expecting that!”


Craig Clemens

Co-founder of Golden Hippo Media

“The experience showed me exactly what was holding me back in both my business and personal life. I had never felt so liberated!”


Henrik Zillmer

Podcast interview with Founder/CEO of

“The program fundimentaly changed the way I lead for the better by resolving the root cause of my bad temper.”

Meet Your Retreat Center


We have partnered with the Nihue Rao retreat center to provide us with profound ayahuasca experiences that balance authentic Shipibo tribal healing tradition with western medical safety protocols. 

  • Safety
    Nihue Rao was co-founded with Dr. Tafur, MD, a pioneering western doctor who’s spent that last 10 years experimenting to find new ways to reliably merge ayahuasca treatments with western treatments to cure disease.
    If you are curious about this topic or want to learn more about the mission and vision of Nihue Rao, we recommend Dr. Tafur’s recent book, Fellowship of the River.  (Note: Dr. Tafur will not be present during our retreat.)
  • Experience
    Ayahuasca shaman Ricardo Amaringo in a native Shipibo healer and a co-founder of Nihue Rao. Ricardo has facilitated many thousands of ayahuasca ceremonies and over 3000 at Nihue Rao since its founding in 2011.
  • Comfort
    By ayahuasca retreat center standards Nihue Rao amazing. Beautiful location, spacious private rooms, white sand, and very few biting insects.

Your Amazon jungle 4-star eco-lodge adventure…


After 6 days and up to 4 ayahuasca ceremonies at Nihue Rao, you will transfer to Haliconia  for a 3-day Amazon jungle eco-lodge experience.

The Haliconia Eco-lodge is the ideal setting to relax and experience Amazon jungle tours. 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor makes this among the best Amazon eco-adventure experiences available. Above all, this is the best way to begin integrating your ayahuasca insights with the support of Sergio and the group.

Words don’t do the Amazon justice.

>> See the Haliconia Eco-lodge website.

This jungle experience will meet your bucket list standards!

Pricing for the Ayahuasca Vision Quest program

Dates: Due to COVID no dates are scheduled.

Tiered Pricing (Includes everything except for your airfare to Peru.)

Participants 1 through 5: $7,900

Participants 5 through 10: $8,900

Participants 10 through 14: $9,900


In 2015 Fast Company assigned a documentary filmmaker to create a profile on the Machu Picchu Ayahuasca Mastermind program.
It’s an honest portrayal of the program experience and impact. See it now on Fast Company’s website.

See Fast Company’s mini-documentary about the Machu Picchu Ayahuasca Mastermind.

Henrik Zillmer

“The program fundimentaly changed the way I lead for the better by resolving the root cause of my bad temper.”

Henrik Zillmer
Founder/CEO of

Warwick Saint

“I came out the other end with a newfound clarity for my life’s purpose.”

Warwick Saint
Warwick Saint Photography, A-list beauty, celebrity and sports brand campaigns

Bertram Meyer

"As CEO of a startup in hyper-growth, I feared the time away would hurt my business. What I discovered was the perspective that came with distance, a better understanding of what I want to achieve, my core values and who I am as a human, as well as the insights gained in conversation with fellow participants, lead to a greater positive impact on my business than if I had stayed home and worked.”

Bertram Meyer
CEO and Co-founder of Taulia and One Dome

Robert Bienstock

"Thanks to Michael’s integration coaching, I have to say that the experience did more for my personal growth and transformation than any other method that I have tried.”

Robert Bienstock
COO of Carlin America Music Publishing

Eric Neuner

"I am so grateful for my experience in Peru. It was the pinnacle of experiential learning for me. I found it profound and healing, both physically and emotionally.  Previously I had self-doubt around what I should be doing professionally and personally. Today that is no longer the case!"

Eric Neuner
CEO, Health Coach Institute; Founder/CEO, Vital Digital