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We work with business leaders and entrepreneurs who are wanting the fastest, most effective way to take their personal and professional life to the next level. We do this by combining the impact of executive coaching, adventure travel and ayahuasca weaved together inside of a business mastermind framework.

oct 12-20th, 2019

7-day retreat at the heart
of a 2-month mastermind


march- april 2020

2-month mastermind
& amazon ecotour


This is truly a boutique experience limited to a maximum of 14 people who have been hand selected to join the group. Our masterminds are run by a team of experts with exceptional credentials. Throughout the program, you will receive the 1-1 support you need to achieve the outcomes you want.


“As CEO of a startup in hyper-growth, I feared the time away would hurt my business. The perspective that came with distance, more clarity on what I want, my core values and who I am plus the insights gained with fellow participants led to a greater positive impact on my business than if I had stayed home and worked.”

Bertram Meyer

CEO, Co-Founder of Taulia and One Dome

ENTREPRENEURS AWAKENING is the creation of startup founder, executive coach and mastermind facilitator, Michael Costuros.

Since 2012, Entrepreneurs Awakening has been providing private and small group mastermind retreats that transform top business leaders into impact-oriented business leaders capable of changing the world.

While every participant joins with specific aspirational goals everybody can count on three standard outcomes.

  • 1. You will discover and resolve blindspots that have been holding you back from operating at your full potential in life, love, and business.
  • 2. You will be released from frustrations and resentments that have been distracting you from what’s truly important.
  • 3. You will have a dozen new business buddies dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in the year ahead.

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“An increasing number of entrepreneurs swear by the plant as a method of professional and personal development.” Business Insider

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