During his first ten-day Vipassana meditation retreat “Omi” experienced a profound awakening. This awakening gave him the courage to leave a successful corporate career and found his first tech startup.


A year later he secured one point five million in VC seed funding, and guess what he did next? Much to the surprise of his co-founder and investors, Omi left for Another 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat.


The awakenings on his second retreat changed this first-time founder CEO’s view on leadership and company culture. That’s not an unusual result of deep insight. What’s unusual is that his unconventional decisions lead to a very successful exit just five years after the company was founded. He ended up raising over 30 million dollars and selling for many times that amount.


In this interview, Omi will explain the role that meditation, psychedelics, and maintaining a path of perpetual spiritual awakening played in his ability to win the startup game his first time out.


Now because Omi has not participated in my ayahuasca mastermind program, I consider this a season 1 bonus episode.


It’s just too good to wait for season two.


Let’s dive in!